Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Blue Butterfly

Pete Carlton is a funny and intelligent 10-year-old boy, battling terminal brain cancer. Pete's ultimate wish is to catch the most beautiful butterfly on earth--the rare Blue Morpho, found only in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. Pete's brave mother, Theresa--a 'single-mom' consumed by love--is determined to fulfill her child's dying wish and overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of his dream.

The first crucial step is to convince Alan Osborn, a renowned entomologist and

Pete's hero, to take her wheel-chair bound child into the rain forest on his quest. Alan is a passionate and rugged yet vulnerable man who--due partly to a secret that haunts him--prefers the company of insects over people. He is immediately dead-set against the idea.

Through a fine blend of contemplation, manipulation, timing, luck, desperation and destiny, Alan finally agrees to bring Pete to the mystical and dangerous jungle. The promise is that the Morpho can be caught in one day. However, the elusive Blue Morpho evades capture, leading them on a life and death adventure that ultimately transforms their lives.


  1. Have to see this movie. I like true story movies.

  2. I rented this movie, watched it and then went and bought it so I could watch it again and again Rich :)

  3. I never watch true life movies as it's very seldom a happy movie.

  4. Lol Sandy - this one has a happy ending :)

  5. They picked the perfect actors to play this movie and the movie does look good too.

    Just Fluttering Around

  6. Yes indeed Marie :) and beautiful scenery throughout the movie as well.